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Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

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This is the perfect soup to make in a big batch and enjoy through the week or freeze the leftovers! It is highly flexible so feel free to adjust the root vegetables to your liking!

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

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Recipe by Isabelle Heikens Course: Appetizers, Soups


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  • 3 Large 3 Parsnips

  • 2 Large 2 Carrots

  • 1 1 Sweet Potato

  • 2 2 Rutabaga

  • 1 Head 1 Garlic

  • 2 2 Yellow Onions

  • 1/2-1 Cup 1/2-1 18% Cream

  • Fresh Rosemary

  • Bay Leaf

  • Chicken or Vegetable Broth

  • Knob Butter


  • Preheat oven to 400F. Chop the parsnip, carrots, sweet potato and rutabaga into cubes that are roughly the same size. Speed into an even layer on a baking sheet (or two), drizzle with olive oil and salt.
  • Leaving the skin on, slice the garlic head about a 1/4 inch from the top to expose the cloves. Place the garlic head in the middle of a tinfoil sheet and drizzle olive oil and some salt into the cloves. Tightly wrap the foil around it and place on baking sheet.
  • Roast the vegetables and the garlic head in the oven until the vegetables have gained some colour and are soft. The garlic should become caramelized and mushy when you open the tin foil packet. About 45 min.
  • While everything is roasting, slice the two onions. Add the onions to a large dutch oven (or pot) over medium-low heat with a generous knob of butter. Slowly cook down the onions, stirring every so often, until they take on some colour and get soft and jammy.
  • Once the onions have sufficiently cooked down. Add the fresh stem of rosemary, a few dried bay leaves, and enough broth to just cover everything. Add a pinch of salt and allow this to simmer until the vegetables are done roasting.
  • Once the vegetables are done, add them to the pot and squeeze the whole head of garlic out of the skin. Add enough broth to just cover everything and let simmer together for about 10 minutes, longer if the vegetables are not soft yet.
  • Remove the rosemary and bar leaves and transfer this mixture to a blender. Add in the cream and blend until smooth. Season with salt and pepper to taste and add more broth until you reach your desired thickness

    NOTE: do not put super hot soup into a blender as this will build pressure and is very dangerous. My blender has a vent that I can keep open, but if yours does not, let the soup cool before blending or use an immersion blender.
  • Serve warm with more freshly ground black pepper and with some crusty bread.

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